The people of God’s church in Montrose join to pray for our community and world. More than 20 churches in Montrose, united as “PrayerFest”, are hosting prayer gatherings, worship gatherings, church services and more. Gatherings at PrayerFest churches will be listed here along with encouragement to pray for the various needs of our community.

Current Prayer Video Series –

How Prayer Changed the Course of History

Early Nation Prayer – Pastor Munday

God Answers Prayer – The Power of a Mother’s Prayer – Bryan Goforth

God Answers Prayer – God Hears the Cry of College Students – Mike Lundbe

God Answers Prayer – God Listens to Elderly Shut-Ins – Nathan Cranson

God Answers Prayer – Dunkirk 1940 – Doug Kiesewetter

God Answers Prayer- Prayer Works Better Than – Brandon Mathis

God Answers Prayer – God Gives Power to the Powerless – Curt Mudgett

God Answers Prayer – A Child’s Prayers Penetrated the Soviet Gulag- Bryan Goforth

God Answers Prayer – God Listens to Victims of Crime – Chris Peterson

God Answers Prayer – Prayer Can Birth A Nation – James Conley

God Answers Prayer – God Cares for Orphans – David Tabor

God Answers Prayer – God Does More Than We Can Ask or Think – Karl Leuthauser

God Answers Prayer – Corrie Ten Boom 1942 – Buddy Cook

God Answers Prayer – Prayer Brings Light Into the Darkest Places – Curt Mudgett

God Answers Prayer – Prayer Sets the Prisoners Free – Brandon Mathis

Prayer Meeting Calendar

Community Prayer GatheringThursday– Location TBA
Praying for our community, our nation and our world!


Join us for A Praying Life Seminar if you would like to improve your prayer life.
Friday August 26 6PM-9:15PM and Saturday August 27th – 8AM-12:30PM

Hosted at Calvary Chapel – 2201 S Townsend Ave

“A Praying Life Seminar is the most practical training in prayer possible, yet it is rooted in biblical theology.  I highly recommend it.” – Tim Keller

Register here!